The Vocation of Marriage: A Reflection of Divine Love

Oct 15, 2023

When we speak of the word ‘vocation’, we often think of a calling, a gentle tug from the Divine towards a particular purpose. For me, the calling to vocation of marriage was a discernment of how I could best love and how God could best love me. Marriage is a calling to witness, uphold, and celebrate the most profound form of human love, mirroring the love Christ has for His Church. It’s the realization of two souls becoming one flesh, intertwined, journeying together, and sharing a unified mission to cultivate a love that reflects the Trinity.

But how did I discern this vocation?
Well, little by little. I had the example of imperfect parents who loved each other and sacrificed for one another and us kids, as well as the witness of both my grandparents. I always loved kids and desired a wife who shared that love of a family, messy as they are. Then I found a woman with a pure heart that reminded me of God’s heart. She is beautiful, kind, and generous. As our relationship deepened, I found myself slowly growing and maturing thanks to her encouragement and affection. When things got serious, I brought my desire to the Lord and He gave me a peace that quieted the fear of total commitment in marriage.

For those discerning this vocation, I offer this simple advice: *Listen*. Listen not only with your ears but with your heart. The voice of God often speaks softly, hidden amidst the noise of life. Seek moments of quiet reflection. Pray earnestly and converse with those who’ve walked this path before. And above all, trust that God, in His perfect timing, will make things clear.

Leo Tolstoy said that “What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are but how you deal with incompatibility.” Marriage is amazing and hard. There are good times and bad, sickness and health, richer and poorer seasons, but spouses commit…. because “Love Does”.

Your spouse will NOT “complete you” as the movies say, only God can fulfill those deepest longs. But if you lean into the grace of the Sacrament, humble yourself, and resolve to live out your vows, marriage is a wonderful adventure. It’s a gift to each other, overflows to your children, and eventually as together you incarnate God’s love to the world.

In closing, I encourage you: embrace your vocation, be it to marriage or another path, with fervor and faith. Don’t be afraid! Dive deep into its waters and let its waves carry you towards God’s heart. In every shared laughter, in every whispered prayer, in every act of selfless love, may you find the Divine smiling back at you. For in love, we see the face of God, and in our vocations, we witness His grace at work.

Mr. Jason Kidd, Director of Youth, Mariage and Family, Archdiocese of Portland

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