"I asked Him what He wanted of me. I really surrendered my plan and told Him I’d do anything.:

Mr. Andrew Seeber

I grew up Catholic, going to church at St. Paul Parish in Silverton. My parents were very good at teaching me the faith, making it not only something we did on Sundays, but a devotion that entered every aspect of our lives. I received each of the sacraments when I was old enough and became an altar server. This involvement in my youth was the groundwork for my later spiritual life and has been an incredible blessing in making my faith my own. I can trace my interest in the priesthood back to these earliest stages. My family members would make comments about me becoming a priest and they even put together a toy altar set for me to imitate the priest’s celebration of the Mass. In those early years I remember imagining myself as the priest during the Mass and wondering what it would feel like to be involved in something so important.  

As I continued to grow up, I focused my interests in school activities as I discovered a love for reading, writing, and singing. However, occasionally at Mass I would still wonder what it would be like to say the words of consecration as the priest does or preach the Gospel in my own way. 

My distraction from the priesthood increased when I entered high school, while taking on the usual stresses and trials involved with that transition. I found myself at home in the creative arts, especially theater and choir. Being an artist became a large part of my identity. I loved to create things. Through most of my high school years I planned to attend John Paul the Great Catholic University after graduation. My parents introduced me to this small college of the arts in my sophomore year. When I researched it, I fell in love with the film programs they offered on campus. I was ready to jump right into going to college there. Unbeknownst to me, God had other plans.  

In the summer before my senior year of high school I attended a Steubenville Northwest conference in Spokane. I was really struggling to find peace in a number of things about my life. I took this feeling of restlessness to the climactic night of Eucharistic Adoration and offered it to Jesus. I asked Him what He wanted of me. I really surrendered my plan and told Him I’d do anything. For the first time in my mature spiritual life, I considered the priesthood as an option. At that moment, surrendering to the idea gave me a great sense of peace and relief. As Jesus was carried in procession past me and the hundreds of other youth, I felt it was clear that that’s what He was calling me to. Yet, it was difficult to commit to changing my plan. I spent my senior year in intense conflict and deliberation before I finally made the decision to enter the seminary to further discern the priesthood. 

Thank you for your prayers and support.