Educators & Vocation Promoters

Vocation Curriculum for Educators

Vocation Lessons Curriculum

An online K-12 curriculum for both Catholic Schools and Faith Formation. Covers marriage, priesthood, and consecrated life. Contact our office for password for teachers and catechists. Website

Called: Discover Your Vocation

A DVD set with workbooks, great to help middle school and high school students start thinking about their vocations.Covers marriage, priesthood, and consecrated life. Buy online here

Guide to Parish Vocation Ministry

Rhonda Gruenewald, from her experience of leading a successful Vocation Ministry, has written  Hundredfold: A Guide to Parish Vocation Ministry providing information, activities, and inspiration to anyone starting, reviving, or refreshing a Vocation Ministry, and to make those ministries thrive. It is designed to inspire parishes to get involved in vocation work, to help new ministries start strong by providing a clear guide to the nuts and bolts of the ministry, and to reinvigorate long-standing committees with fresh ideas that attract new workers to God’s vineyard.