Journeying with the Saints: My Devotions and Vocation of Marriage by Lexie Lane

May 31, 2024

I remember sitting in Adoration a few years ago and the Lord was so clearly speaking to my heart that the way He wanted to sanctify me was through marriage. At the time, I was a little confused because I was single and not really dating. However, I knew the Lord was preparing my heart for my future spouse while also forming me to imitate Christ more.

My heart continued to ache for my Vocation and my desire to be a wife and God-willing a mother. I gave these desires to the Lord, entrusting them to His Most Sacred Heart. The more I found myself entrusting these desires to Him the more I found His grace grew in me and allowed me to find true peace trusting in His timing and plan for me. As I began to see the Lord’s plan for me unfold, the more I became convicted that He knows every little desire of our heart and wants to fulfill them.

I like to call St. Therese of Lisieux my “spiritual BFF”. She has been my sweet friend since I was 15 years old, and the Lord has used her in such beautiful ways to remind me of my littleness and total need for Him. Through different challenges and sorrows, I have found myself also growing in friendship with Our Lady of Sorrows. With every joy and ache, these two friends have been with me as I grow closer to Christ.

A priest once asked me what I was looking for in a future spouse and I responded a man with a missionary heart. My husband, Dustin, has a missionary heart and so much more. Through Dustin, I have seen how the Lord truly knows every desire of my heart and wants to make His love for me known through Dustin. My heavenly friends made an appearance in our relationship early on, from our first date being at the Grotto to learning that Dustin has his own special connection to yellow roses (the same color rose St. Therese has been sending me for years).

As Dustin and I grew in our relationship together, so did our relationship with Christ. We began to share more and more of the little miracles the Lord had done in each of our lives. It became clear that the Lord had been writing our story long before we met. We continue to both be in awe of the Lord’s faithfulness to us and the miracles He wants to perform in our marriage.

We became engaged on the feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and were recently married on Easter Saturday, April 6th, the day before Divine Mercy Sunday. Our first weeks of marriage have been tremendously grace filled. We continue to both be in awe of the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness to us. I feel truly honored that the Lord has entrusted Dustin’s heart to me. Together, we are called to be light to this world and we pray that through the witness of our marriage we can lead others to Christ’s light. Jesus, we trust in you!

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